Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing New Zealand​​ 

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Did you know which foods you eat are affecting your health?​​

We can help you realize what foods are robbing you of your precious vitality

Our test is simple, painless and fast to help you know which foods are negatively affecting your health

We utilise the latest bio-tech diagnostic equipment from Europe

Comprehensive and

New Zealand specific

Independent and proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated

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Intolerance Test

Intolerance Test

Advanced Intolerance Test

Self Test Kit

Test for 230+ food and 53 environmental items
bonus  - vitamin, mineral deficiencies, chemical and metal toxicity analysis 
Budget friendly
Intolerance test for 230+ food and 53 environmental items
includes New Zealand specific items
Blood test (IgG)
A kit that detects antibody levels against 59 common foods
easy to use at home.
includes a free half hour naturopath consultation

Professional help
 Optimum test package  combined with 3 Skype or phone consultations with a naturopath